Japan Clean Ocean Material Alliance

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The members of the value chain consisting of manufacturing, using, and discarding plastic products share their common understanding with each other and strengthen their networks beyond the boundaries of individual companies, leading to concrete results.

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    CLOMA VISION pamphtet(summary)

  • Pamphtet

    CLOMA VISION pamphtet


We have formulated this action plan to promote concrete efforts for the 5 Key actions defined in the CLOMA Vision.

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    CLOMA Action Plan pamphtet

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Alliance creates new innovation

It has become necessary for society to promote worldwide efforts to overcome the marine plastic litter issue, a newly emerging global challenge. To decrease such litter, conducting appropriate control of waste is urgently needed, including through thorough efforts for preventing littering, further enhancement of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) initiatives involving plastic products, and further development and adoption of plastics with excellent biodegradability and materials alternative to plastics, for e.g., paper.
Against this backdrop, Japan Clean Ocean Material Alliance was established as a new platform that helps a wide variety of cross-sectoral stakeholders to collaborate and accelerate innovation..

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