Japan Clean Ocean Material Alliance

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CLOMA Principles

To solve the marine plastic litter problem, it is essential to ensure the thorough collection and disposal of used plastic products. In addition to this, it is also important to promote developing, manufacturing and using environmentally sound plastic products, and using alternatives that are environmentally sound materials/products.

1 We will contribute to the attainment of SDGs and clean ocean through the development, production and use of materials and products.

2 We will proceed with the following goals as two wheels: thoroughly implement proper collection and disposal of used plastic products, while deepening efforts on the 3Rs and using alternatives that are environmentally sound materials/products.

3 We will share technology, knowhow and experiences among our members at maximum level, and create larger-scale innovations including new business models.

4 We will optimize the combination of technology development and social systems, and gain understandings from stakeholders to accelerate social implementation.

5 We will disseminate a “Japan model” to the world which enables circular use of materials and reduction of environmental load by accommodating our model to the situation and needs of each country.

Main Activities

1. Dissemination of information inside and outside Japan (for general / members)

We provide information on marine plastic litter issue through our website.

2. Provision of CLOMA mail magazine (for members)

Information on the latest trends in marine plastic litter issue, materials such as containers and packaging, and efforts related to 3Rs are issued as information limited to members.

3. Holding symposiums and seminars (for members)

Implementation of Best Practice Introduction Seminar

We have created an environment in which information can be shared through the technology of the material provider and user companies, business matching, and information dissemination of leading case examples.

Conduct of technical seminar

With the cooperation of research institutes etc., we will provide information such as the status of public invitation of technology development projects and the latest technology development trends.

4. Exhibit at the exhibition (for general / members)

We are exhibiting at various exhibitions in order to publicize CLOMA’s activities in Japan and abroad.

5. Information dissemination overseas (for members)

We will examine effective methods for disseminating information on alternative technologies in Japan through opportunities for collaboration with international organizations, research institutes, etc. and international conferences. In addition, we will allow foreign countries to adopt and utilize the technology and initiatives we have sent.

6. Providing inter-company collaboration information (for members)

We conduct surveys and interviews with companies that make up the plastic supply chain, investigate the information and technology (seeds and needs) we are looking for, and provide an environment (matching platform) that can be matched for each field.

7. Examination of project proposal (for members)

We will consider together with our member companies the issues for developing marine biodegradable plastics and plastic alternative materials, and support efforts to solve marine plastic litter issue.

Schematic of main activities

At CLOMA, we strive to disseminate from Japan new solutions: aimed for achieving the Clean Ocean, by sharing the CLOMA vision, and by facilitating collaboration among its members.

Schematic of main activities